Flex/Fleet Club

Our Flex/Fleet Club is similar to our Unlimited Wash Club, but with a slight twist. This plan is designed for those who wish to wash multiple vehicles. So if you have 2+ cars in your household or maybe you have a business with a fleet of vehicles, this is the plan for you!

Our Flex/Fleet Club plan utilizes the same technology as our Unlimited Wash Club, but instead of unlimited washes, you are issued 5 washes to your account. Any vehicle registered to your account can wash, whenever they want to. Once your account uses all 5 washes, you are automatically recharged and another 5 washes are added to your account. This way, you can wash at your leisure, not being charged again until your washes have been depleted. Each vehicle will be issued their own specific tag so you’ll also know which one is washing the most or the least.


Fayetteville Express Tunnel

272 N. Glynn Street
Fayetteville, GA 30214

Fayetteville Self Service

730 Glynn Street N
Fayetteville, GA 30214

McDonough Self Service

62 Willow Lane
McDonough, GA 30253